Slides – SRA/#NSMNSS Conference: Answering social science questions with social media data – 8 March 2018

Events – Archive of presentations and papers

We encourage speakers at SRA events to let us make their presentations available online:  the archive below has been gathered from events going back to 2005.  It includes our annual  conferences, summer events, social media conferences and other workshops and seminars.

Conference Programme

Speaker Presentations

Keynote 1 – Recognition of citizens’ voice with social media(Steven McDermott, Qualitative Analysis and Social Media Lead, HMRC)
Shouting at MPs: Sentiment analysis of tweets sent as @messages (Amy Binns, University of Central Lancashire)
Fact perception and public expectations in a digital world (Clare Llewellyn, University of Edinburgh)
Keynote 2 – Sensing human behaviour with online data (Suzy Moat, Associate Professor of Behavioural Science at Warwick Business School)
Socialisation or social isolation? Virtual ethnography and mental ill health (Kim Heyes, Manchester Metropolitan University)
Sleep, stress and social media (Josh Smith, Demos)

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