Ongoing Project for July 2011

This a video developed as part of the analysis of data that I gathered for a dry run of a larger project that I am conducting with colleagues at the Institute of Communications Studies, University of Leeds. This is the Leeds online website and blog network over six days. In late June 2011.

Each circle is a website or blog. The size of the circle indicates the centrality or ‘importance’ of the website in the exchange or flow of ideas and interests.

The lines between the circles are hyperlinks between the sites. The thicker the line, the stronger and more valued the link.

When a line turns red it means the link has been removed. When a line is green it means that a link has been created.

So if a site moves from the edge towards the centre it has gained in control of the flow of ideas and interests for that period.

As it stands it contains the top 200 sites and this is expected to change substantially in the final data collection period.

And here is a different version of the same data:

And finally from the same project the Twitter Accounts Related to Leeds on Saturday 18th of June 2011:

This is one snap shot of 35,000 (approx) twitter accounts related to Leeds, UK. Again it is part of a dry run for a project that I am working on with colleagues from the Institute of Communications Studies at the University of Leeds.

Each circle is one twitter account and the grey lines between them means that they are following, being followed, replied directly to or retweeted by the other.

The size of the circle indicates the betweenness centrality score for that twitter account.

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