Data Scientists of 2016

A searchable and interactive network graph of Data Scientists archived in February 2016

The Twitter Network of 30,000 "Data Scientists" and their connections

The Twitter Network of 30,000 “Data Scientists” and their connections

The visualisation was created using Gephi after applying 3 steps on NodeXL. Step 1 – A Twitter search for the term ‘datascientist’ on 02/02/2016 that returned… Step 2 – 1,132 user accounts Step 3 – Input the 1,132 user accounts in to a Twitter User search that returned 30,000 user accounts. Export into Gephi with Modularity Class selected to differentiate groups and OpenOrd to set the graph.

You can search by name or select various groups that have been classed together according to modularity.

30000 Data Scientists 2016 pdf version

Data Scientist Twitter Network Visualisation 2016

@analyticsbridge Twitter Network Visualizationn 2016



The quest to find Data Scientists specifically related to Health has taken one small step forward.

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