Vice and Virtue: the Rise of Self-Tracking Technologies and the Moralising of ‘Health’ Behaviours

10th-13th May 2016
Brocher Foundation, Switzerland (
Attendance is free but registration is essential as places are limited. Please email Becky Brown ( if you would like to attend.
Provisional programme:
Becky Brown
Public Health Promotion and the Moralisation of ‘Lifestyle’ Behaviour
John Coggon
‘Coercive Healthism’ and Individual Choices to ‘Live Healthily’
Paul Crawshaw
Social marketing, inequality and governance failure in global public health
Luna Dolezal
Human Life as Digitized Data Assemblage: Health, Wealth and Biopower in Gary Shteyngart’s Super Sad True Love Story
Vikki Entwistle
Health professionals and the moralisation (or not) of ‘self-management’ among people with long-term health conditions
François Hudon
Social Justice, Freedom and Self-Tracking Technologies
Samia Hurst
Steven McDermott
An Analysis of Big Data on Health: Critique is Not Optional
Heather Morgan
Digital technologies + chronic health conditions = new modes for moralising?
Susan Oman
John Owens and Alan Cribb
Promoting health, promoting autonomy? Deliberation, action and freedom in an age of wearable technologies
Christopher Till

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