Review into sexualisation of young people published

26 February 2010

An independent review into the sexualisation of young people has been published.

Sexualisation and violence

The author, psychologist Dr Linda Papadopoulos was commissioned by the Home Office to look at how sexualised images and messages may be affecting the development of children and young people and influencing cultural norms. She also examined the evidence of a link between sexualisation and violence.

The review forms part of the government’s strategy to address ‘Violence Against Women and Girls’ (VAWG). Dr Papadopoulos has worked closely with the Home Office in developing the current national awareness campaign targeting violence within teenagers’ relationships. A pack for teachers and pupils to accompany the campaign will shortly be made available to all schools. The government is also committed to introducing the subject of VAWG and gender equality into the national curriculum, both of which are recommendations outlined in this review. The full list of recommendations will now be considered in more detail.

Key recommendations

Key recommendations include:

  • launching an online ‘one-stop-shop’ to allow the public to voice their concerns regarding irresponsible marketing which sexualises children
  • encouraging the government to support the Advertising Standards Agency to take steps to extend existing regulatory standards to include commercial websites
  • requiring broadcasters to ensure music videos featuring sexual posing or sexually suggestive lyrics are only broadcast after the watershed
  • ensuring games consoles are sold with parental controls already switched on. Purchasers can then choose to unlock the console if they wish to allow access to adult and online content

Changing attitudes

Home Secretary, Alan Johnson said: ‘We hope this campaign will help teenagers to recognise the signs of abuse and equip them with the knowledge and confidence to seek help, as well as understanding the consequences of being abusive or controlling in a relationship.

‘Changing attitudes will take time but it is essential if we are going to stop violence against women and girls.’

Find out more

You can find out more by reading the Sexualisation of Young People Review.

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