IP Addresses and Virgin Trains East Coast

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The following attempt at collecting data within a digital environment is part inspired by reading Digital Sociology: The Reinvention of Social Research Noortje Marres.

My phone was not connected to Virgin Trains East Coast  wifi during the entire trip.

IP Addresses Collected on a Virgin East Coast Train – Using a freely available app on my Android phone I was able to collect this list of IP addresses – I am simply left with a lot of questions. Are they the IP addresses of the mobile devices of my fellow travellers or are they the IP addresses that my mobile phone was in connection with and exchanging my data with? Or both.

Brexit Debate Dominated by Gibraltar

Gibraltar dominates brexit debate for 3 days.

Top tags for data set brexit which ranges from 2017-03-31 until 2017-04-05 and contains 745,843 tweets  (and counting).
brexit (230076), gibraltar (21720), article50 (15901), eu (11122), scotref (7186), uk (6232), trump (5345), indyref2 (3762), ukip (3656), poundtoeuro (3389). So for the last 3 days and potentially 4 the debate on Twitter is dominated by Gibraltar.

#Brexit 2017

Interactive Network Map of Top 500 Twitter Accounts by Mentions

A social graph by mentions in the #Brexit Twitter hashtag collection from 30th March to 3rd April 2017 (429.824 tweets archived so far (and counting)) A directed graph based on interactions between top 500 users. If a user mentions another one, a directed link is created. The more often a user mentions another, the stronger the link (“link weight”). The “count” value contains the number of tweets for each user in the specified period. It shows the patterns in communication, finds “hubs” and “communities”, categorize user accounts.

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@Supermetrics – Trends in the Use of Social Media Terms

Currently testing Supermetrics and its ability to archive a list of terms from various social media platforms in Google Spreadsheets. So far so good. The live and regularly updated  interactive graphs that follow are based on an ongoing collection of

“bigdata, socialmedia, social media, digital media, digitalmedia, media studies and mediastudies”

Trending Terms According to Google Trends

Pinterest Board Members that contain one or more of the list of terms above

Reddit Comments and Upvotes on the list of terms above – this is interactive and updates frequently.