GBR – Google mobility and transport policy

Detect changes in the United Kingdom transport policy, and plot them together with the mortality rate, percentage of confirmed cases, and Google mobility indicators. Depending on the country, regional or city-level mobility data are also supported.

GBR – Google mobility and transport policy

“Built with R, available in any language, COVID-19 Data Hub provides a worldwide, fine-grained, unified dataset helpful for a better understanding of COVID-19. The user can instantly download up-to-date, structured, historical daily data across several official sources. The data are hourly crunched and made available in csv format on a cloud storage, so to be easily accessible from Excel, R, Python… and any other software. All sources are properly documented, along with their citation.”

COVID-19 Open Research Dataset (CORD-19)

covid19 textanalysis

Using Leximancer I have analysed the Custom license subset — 16959 full text (new: 15533), 345Mb Covid- 19 Open Research Dataset (Cord-19).

We suggest that future studies will benefit from the leveraging of information from the host’s and pathogen’s genomes, as well as from the exploration of models that incorporate heterogeneity across populations and phenotypes. Interactions within HLA genes or among HLA variants and polymorphisms located outside the major histocompatibility complex may also play an important role in shaping the susceptibility and response to invading pathogens.

The missing effect of calyculin on the GPI disproves the role of phosphatases in the potentiating action. These experimental studies should not only contribute to a better understanding of the potentiating mechanisms but also incorporate a shift in the research towards the immune system, in particular towards the immunocompetent polymorphonuclear leukocytes.

Recognition of Citizens’ Voice with Social Media

Dr Steven McDermott presenting at the Sage event


Dr. Steven McDermott, discusses his social media research at Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) on the use of social media, machine learning, and considerations of ethics and privacy.

Transcript of the talk recognitionofcitizensvoice

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