Cambridge Artificial Intelligence Summit 2018 – Feature

From left to right: Dr Raoul-Gabriel Urma (CEO, Cambridge Spark), Thomas Westmacott (FiveAI), Kevin Nelson (Cloud Developer Advocate, Google), Dr Steven McDermott (Qualitative Analysis and Social Media Lead, HMRC), Dr Sebastian Kaltwang (FiveAI, Machine Learning Engineer), Alison Lowndes (Artificial Intelligence DevRel EMEA, Nvidia), Professor Kenneth Benoit (Professor of Quantitative Social Research Methods, LSE), Dr Maksim Sipos (Co-founder and CTO, causaLens) and Dr Jeremy Bradley (Senior Data Scientist, Royal Mail)

We hosted our Cambridge Artificial Intelligence Summit, sponsored by Cambridge Judge Business School Executive Education, on 15–16 June, welcoming Analysts, Data Scientists and Researchers to network, develop new skills and gain insight into the evolving field of Data Science.

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