Cambridge AI Summit

2 Day Artificial Intelligence Event in Cambridge

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Join our community of hundreds of researchers, analysts and data scientists for an opportunity to network, develop new skills and gain insight into the evolving field of data science.


Hear from industry and academic speakers representing a range of sectors, from research and bioinformatics to business and finance

Learn about the practical application and implementation of the latest tools, techniques to industry case-studies.

Share knowledge, pick up new ideas and connect with developers, analysts, researchers and executives.

The Data Science Summit’s are all about putting research into action. You can see how the latest techniques are implemented, network with other leaders and specialists in the field who make research actionable, and get insight on how you can help transform your company, teams and the way you work.

Sarah Curshen, Director of Executive Education Custom Programmes, Cambridge Judge Business School


Prof. Kenneth Benoit
Professor of Quantitative Social Research Methods, London School of Economics

Session: Quantitative Text Mining, the Social Scientific Way: Mining Social Media on Brexit

Dr. Sebastian Kaltwang and Brook Roberts
Machine Learning Engineer, FiveAI

Session: Overcoming the Data Bottleneck for Self-driving Cars

Kevin Nelson
Cloud Developer Advocate, Google

Session: Google Cloud AutoML

Alison Lowndes
Artificial Intelligence DevRel EMEA, Nvidia

Session: Artificial intelligence and the evolution of the computing platform

Dr Haitham Bou-Ammar
Head of Reinforcement Learning and Tuneable AI, Prowler

Session: Data-Efficient Reinforcement Learning

Dr Maksim Sipos
CTO, causaLens

Session: Automated feature extraction and selection for challenging time-series prediction problems

Dr Jeremy Bradley
Lead Data Scientist, Royal Mail

Session: Data Science as a Transformative process

Dr Steven McDermott
Qualitative Analysis and Social Media Lead, HMRC

Session: AI as Moderator/Mediator in the Recognition of Citizen’s Voice with Social Media

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