UK Political Twitter Network #SNA

click to access the interactive version

click to access the interactive version

The data was collected between the 17th and 29th of May 2013.  Over 100,000 tweets containing the terms, Cameron, Miliband, Clegg and Farage. The four leaders of the main political parties in England. It contains all the retweets and mentions as well as the #hashtags that were used in the tweets being sent between users.

What it shows is that on Twitter Nigel Farage was the most common user name – followed by George Galloway. Galloway’s name is not on the original list.

What I also noticed looking at the data was that Cameron is by far the most referred to politician – even after all other uses of the name are accounted for. However when tweeters refer to Miliband the use of #hashtags and @users surpasses the combined use of the same tools for the other three names combined. The large occurrence of Nigel Farage seems to coincide with recent appearances in the mainstream media and the growing prominence of UKIP the political party that he leads.

Some functions are not available in this interactive archive due to the overall size of the data file.  So please allow a possibly considerable amount of time to load.

However I have now updated the archive and a new version is available here. It contains the total 70,000 nodes and 103,000 edges.

The searchable  content of the tweets have been archived here…





And the same tools were used as the two previous posts – The interactive version was built using  Gephi and a version of Sigma.js from OII Network Visualisation.

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