Analysing Social Media Collaboration

Analysing Social Media Collaboration

Analysing Social Media Collaboration.  Are a multidisciplinary group of researchers interested in analysing data from social media such as Twitter with the aim to understand the role they play in social phenomena. While there are high profile cases where social media have played a very visible role, e.g., during the Summer riots in England in 2011, they also play a more mundane role in the lives of many who collectively organise, share information, campaign, comment, …

We draw on the expertise of a wide range of disciplines within the social sciences that we combine with expertise in computer science. This combination allows us to exploit the rich data sources and data manipulation methods available today while drawing on the rich understanding of social phenomena provided by the social sciences. We believe that the excitement about new analytical methods enabled by pervasive computerisation needs to be married with the conceptual, theoretical and methodological achievements of different social science disciplines.

If you would like to know more or are interested in getting involved, contact Rob Procter (

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