Twittering UK MPs and the Media

MPs who Twitter and the Media pundits.

As a follow up to the previous post on Friday triggered by a @tweetminster articleWhere do MPs get their news – and who among them is the most popular? I have have conducted (using NodeXL) a crawl of every UK  MP who tweets account and the top 100 UK media tweeters. Collecting data on who they are following, who are their followers, replies to and mentions in their latest tweets.

So what we have above is a map of which MPs follow other MPs – which UK media pundits follow other UK media pundits – MPs who follow UK media pundits – and which UK media pundits follow MPs…

At the very heart of the image (click to enlarge it) is  none other than the BBC Today programme – @bbcr4today

The darker the blue the more reciprocated the links

No major surprises there then.

And if you were wondering – here’s what they are talking about today.

housing benefit
going forward
3 yrs
lords reform
welfare reform
rt timmontgomerie
lord ashcroft
david starkey
rt gabyhinsliff
gabyhinsliff call
call old
old fashioned
know pm
pm plans
plans next
next 3
yrs govt
leveson inquiry
house lords
looking forward

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