Semantic Network Analysis of the Bloody Sunday Report

Highlights the Main Themes and Concepts of the 5,000 page report released by Lord Saville’s Bloody Sunday Report today 15th June 2010. A later version with added quotations will be updated in the next few days. [click here for an enlarged  image].  Examples of texts that contain the theme and the times its occurrs are presented after the image.

Dominant Themes and Concepts of the Saville 'sBloody Sunday Report

Dominant Themes and Concepts of the Saville's Bloody Sunday Report

Written – 10,561 counts

appears to have regarded Michael Bridge as posing a threat of causing death
or serious injury.

64.25 In his first RMP statement,1in his written statement for the Widgery
Inquiry,2and in his oral evidence to the Widgery Inquiry, 3Lieutenant N gave
accounts of seeing or thinking that he had seen smoke coming from the
object in the man’s hand.

Fired – 4567 counts

Sergeant AA was certain that he had hit the gunman but did
not know whether he had killed him; and
(viii) he then switched his fire to a further gun port, “where I heard a
Tommy gun being fired up Long Tower Street ”.
He thought that the gunman
was behind one of two gun ports knocked into the wall of the same building
as the one with the gun port in the door; he fired two shots into both of
these gun ports and the Tommy gun was not fired again.

Photographs – 2347 counts

The trajectory photographs

Bloody Sunday – 1268 counts

Insofar as the ‘ Infliction’ material is concerned, Mr Ingram |
|knew nothing of it until it came to public attention during the course|
|of this Inquiry.
In fact, he did not know of the existence of |
|‘ Infliction’ at all despite the fact that he did two tours of duty in |
| Northern Ireland between 1981–1984 and again, in Enniskillen between |
|1987 and 1990.2 According to Officer A however the ‘ Infliction ’ |
|reference to Martin McGuinness was disseminated throughout the |
|security services, including the RUC by May of 1984,3 several months |
|before Martin Ingram left the Derry Republican desk.

Assurances – 711 counts

The gravity of civil disorder in Londonderry by the end of 1971 and in
early 1972
9.1 The plans made by the Army and by the RUC to deal with the march on
30th January 1972, as well as the acts and decisions of members of the
security forces on that day, must be considered in the context of the
security situation at that time.

Bodies – 943 counts

Attempts to see the bodies before they were driven to Altnagelvin Hospital:
the evidence of police officers 122.185

Scoop-up – 705 counts

Regulation 11, among other
matters, empowered a member of Her Majesty’s Forces on duty to arrest
without warrant any person whom he suspected of acting or of having acted
or of being about to act in a manner prejudicial to the preservation of the
peace or maintenance of order, or of having committed an offence against
any of the regulations contained in the Schedule to the Special Powers
1 LAW2. 11-12
196.4 In the instructions issued on behalf of Major General Ford on 19th
January 1972, concerning the renewed ban on processions under section 2 of
the Public Order Act ( Northern Ireland) 1951,1 it was provided that, in the
event that the ban was defied, an order to disperse would be given to those
taking part, failure to comply with which would constitute an offence under
Regulation 38 in the Schedule to .

Hours – 792 counts

1 W103 serial 88
151.89 The Porter tapes recorded a message1from 54 Alpha (1 R ANGLIAN) to
Brigade (which corresponds with an entry in the Brigade log timed at 1635
hours2), reporting that “We have just heard further shots fired at our call
sign Quebec 21 at junction Bishop Street/ Long Tower.
Ah, two shots
returned, Details later.

Wound -559 counts

86.168 In his autopsy report,1 Dr Press described the following two gunshot
(i) An oval entrance wound, measuring 8mm x 5mm, on the left cheek, centred
5cm in front of, and 1cm below, the outer opening of the ear, and 61in
above the soles of the feet.
The upper margin shelved outwards and was
bordered by an arc of abrasion up to 5mm broad.

Fianna – 333 counts

149.45 PIRA 23’s evidence was that “I had very little to do with the
If I recall correctly, they were a group of boy scouts.

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