Hypermancer is a new way to rapidly understand any web search.

  1. You simply enter your search terms in the query box at the top left of the window.
  2. You can choose whether to search the Web or News articles, and just hit return to preview the search results in the left column.
  3. Finally, click the Leximancer Map button to the right of the query box. You can choose how many of the top ranked hits to analyse.

Now Hypermancer goes and gets all those pages, and reads them for you to create a concept map and index of the material. You can see the topics, people, places, etc. related to your search, and you can explore the text which supports these concepts.

The right hand side of the map screen lets you make your own queries within the returned documents (on the Query tab). You can also explore the discovered thesaurus or a thematic summary of the documents. Hypermancer doesnot use predefined categories, entities, or precalculated networks. It calculates these concepts and networks in real time based on the data you are exploring. It normally takes the system under 10 seconds to fetch the data and generate the map. However, if some of the web sites you are searching are slow or unavailable, there may be unavoidable delays.

Here are some screenshots of Hypermancer searches which we really liked. We do most of our web searching this way now. It gives us a faster and more complete view of any topic, and we can search within the search results for any other terms.


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