1239 Singapore Blogosphere Cores

Singapore Blogosphere

Contains 1,239 sites. This is by no means the final say on the matter, merely my current position. I have recently received the data and I have begun running a few social network analysis diagnostics on the hyper link network extracted last month.

Key players if attempting fragmentation are:
1. wordpress.com
2. flickr.com
8. creativecommons.org
12. facebook.com
13. blogdrive.com
15. photobucket.com
20. ads.blogdrive.com
21. multiply.com
26. feedburner.com
30. nus.edu.sg
32. friendster.com
37. sgblogawards.omy.sg
127. apple.com
190. chatter.flooble.com
250. zaobao.com
567. exchange.nus.edu.sg
621. weikiat.net
752. clappingtrees.com
766. yourtypingbiz.info
809. hrc.org

The vast majority of the sites in the list are corporate owned, higher education or state owned media initiatives. The only exception of a US owned – The Human Rights Campaign [which is America’s largest civil rights organization working to achieve gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender equality] and weikiat.net a personal blog.

So is the ‘insurgency’ so often referred to by the PAP that it requires a ‘counter-insurgency’ a myth?

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